Do you offer vegetarian options?

At Cheese Posties we’re all about taste and quality. It’s entirely up to you to decide what you will and won’t eat and we understand that there are lots of positions between the point of carnie (not the clowns) and vegan.

Our vegetarian options do not contain meat or gelatine, but they do not use specialist 'vegetarian cheese'.

The ‘vegetarian cheese’ in specialist stores is made with a substitute for the usual rennet used as an activating enzyme to turn milk into cheese.

If you select 'yes' when we ask 'are you veggie', we won’t send you Fight in a Farmyard, The Hawaiian, or Le Pig Magnifique, containing our super-lean unsmoked bacon bits, nor Pepperoni Pizza, containing … go on, take a guess. We also omit S'mores who's fluffy little marshmallows contain gelatine.

That still gives you a generous twenty-five other fab flavours to revel in :)

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