How does the loyalty stamp program work?

By collecting Loyalty stamps you can regularly get yourself FREE Posties! 

Every time you hit 10 stamps you can claim a free Postie from your account page.

Each Renewal Wins 1 Stamp

Every postie you devour as part of your subscription earns you 1 Stamp, for example a weekly renewal would earn you 1 each week, or if you subscribed 8 weeks in advance? That's 8 stamps right there! 🎉

Each Friend referral wins 1 Stamp

You collect 1 stamp for every friend you refer to Cheese Posties via your unique referral link. We show you this when you subscribe or you can grab it from your account page any time.

You can grab your link from your account here share your link on your favourite social media platform with a sexy shot of your oozing postie for maximum effect.

You can also email it to fellow cheese appreciators!

The precious Loyalty Stamp

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